Imported Atomy Products in Bangladesh

Atomy Products in Bangladesh

BNFeMART has imported a huge quantity of Atomy Products in Bangladesh from Korea. Among all Products, we have imported the most popular products.

Our Atomy Products price is reasonable in Bangladesh because we are importing directly from Korea.

Some of our product lists are as below:

HemoHim, HongSamDan, Korean Red Ginseng Jelly stick, Probiotics 10+, Vitamin C, Tri-Active Calcium, Ginkgo & Natto, Sophora Queen, Atomy Pomegranate Beauty, Alaska E-Omega3, Vegetable Algae Omega 3, Atomy Finezyme, Sawpalmetto, Rhodiola Milk Thistle, Atomy TURMACIN MSM, Slim Body Pour Tea, Atomy Evening Care(Set), Absolute Spot-Out Cream, Absolute Skincare set (Cell Active), Absolute BB Cream, Skincare system: The Fame, Derma Real Cica Gel Cleanser, Cerabebe set, Hydra Brightening Care set, Synergy Ampoule set, Sunscreen(Beige) SPF50+PA+++, Sunscreen(White) SPF50+PA+++, BB Cream, Daily Expert Mask, Derma Calming SunStic, Absolute Hair Care Set, Herbal Hair Conditioner, Herbal Hair Shampoo, Herbal Body Cleanser, Homme Energizing All-in-One wash, Atomy Ultra Rich Body Wash, Hair Essential oil, Atomy Jelly & Color Espresso Brown (4a), Adelica EYE Platte, Adelica 3D Highlighter, Atomy Lip Treatment, Atomy Toothbrush, Atomy Children’s Toothbrush, Atomy Toothpaste, Atomy Kids Natural Toothpaste.

Baby Care (1)

Food Supplement (28)

Hair Care (3)

Oral Care (5)

Skin Care (24)

Opened a New Super Shop

BNF Company Limited has opened a new super shop named BNFMART in Jamuna Railway Bridge Project, Tangail.

BNF GROUP Chairman Mr. C.W. Park has opened the shop on February 02, 2021.

The chairman of the super shop, said they have hit the market with a wide array of domestic and foreign products to meet the demand for daily necessities at affordable prices.

They have started with a huge product collection with imported and local product. The Project staffs will get all kinds of necessary products.

The super shop also hosts a Online Shopping mall named